Healthy Hair

Methods you are missing on to prevent quick oily hair!!!

Oily scalp is a prevalent problem among men and women. Excessive sebum production is a prevalent problem, but if you have it for a longer time, it can lead to fine hair and several other scalp issues.

Everyone wants their hair to be healthy and nongreasy instead of having a flat look with greasy hair. There are considerable methods that you can opt to get rid of getting hair greasy for keeping hair bouncy.

Methods to keep hair nongreasy!!

Pick shampoo and condition carefully: many experts recommend those hair products have to be chosen carefully. Shampoo and conditioner pay a major impact on how your scalp will react to it. If you are using shampoo and conditioner that are highly chemical concentrated, that will strip off the natural oils that are essential for your scalp.  Stripping of sebum can lead to more production of oil on the scalp, which results in a flat scalp.

keep hair nongreasy

Do not wash hair every day: it is recommended to wash hair whenever you feel like, but it is important to resist hair-washing practice once in a while. The more you clean your scalp, the more oil will be produced, so it is better to choose to wash twice or thrice a week. When you have greasy hair, consider styling it into different styles such as braids, messy bun, and others.

Apply conditioner to ends only: you might be using your conditioner wrongly, as it should only be used to the ends of hair. It is right for people to make use of the product just to ends; it will weigh down your hair and adding bounce to your hair. You should apply the conditioner to the mid-lengths of the hair. Once applied the conditioner, brush it with a detangling brush that will assist in evenly spreading of the conditioner into the hair and preventing hair from becoming greasy.

wash hairHave the last rinse with apple cider vinegar: rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar would be really helpful in preventing hair becoming greasy. All you have to do is dilute apple cider vinegar with one cup of water or as recommended by the physician and pour it into your hair after shampooing. This super easy hack will prevent quick oily hair and helps in retaining shine in your hair. You can practice it once a week for better results and have shiny, healthy, and nongreasy hair.