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Is Scalp Massage Helpful For Stimulating Hair Growth?

Taking care of your hair is important to keep it as your crowning glory. There are several practices that you need to perform for keeping hair healthy and strengthening them, and massage is one of them. Scalp massage is a practice that not only has hair benefits but psychological benefits as well.

You can relieve your stress with a regular scalp massage. However, we are looking into a guide if scalp massages can stimulate hair growth or not. For comprehending the details better, consider reading until the end.

What are the benefits of scalp massage?

Massaging your scalp is similar to massaging your other body parts to release tension. Scalp massage needs to be gentle to attain benefits. Using essential oils for massaging the scalp can help one to stay calm and get rid of negative thoughts as well.


Benefits of scalp massage

Balance nervous system: massaging can be helpful for releasing physical stress simultaneously to balance nervous system acupressure massage on the head can be proven helpful. To achieve mental peace it can be a leading step for it.

Releases muscle tension: if you need to release muscle tension, it is helpful to choose for scalp massage. The massaging scalp is remarkable as it relaxes nerves on the skin’s surface and gentle pressure makes the body feel a little better.  Low blood pressure can be corrected with a regular scalp massage.

Helps to deal with stress: stress has become a common problem nowadays due to the hectic work, so relax your mind, and preventing work on your nerves; scalp massage can be proven beneficial. Several therapists recommend scalp massage to release stress and calm your mind.

There are several other benefits of practicing scalp massage regularly and improve body condition.

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Scalp massage and hair growth!

According to several kinds of research done, scalp massages are helpful in the thickening of hair due to hair follicles strengthening. People with alopecia have improved conditions with regular scalp massage as recommended by the physicians.

We can say that scalp massage with essential oils can improve scalp conditions leading to thickening of hair and boosting hair growth. However, there is no control over hair loss due to scalp massage, but hair growth can be boosted if used regularly on a healthy scalp.

Lastly, we can conclude to the aspect that scalp massage for hair growth can be proven helpful.